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At Marquette Avenue Events, we wholeheartedly believe in telling the unique story of your event from the early conception stages to the final bittersweet moments of your special day. We believe in making your entire journey timelessly detailed, seamless, personalized, and most of all - FUN! We recognize it’s easy to get lost and even a bit overwhelmed in the wide stratosphere that has become events and weddings these days. This blog is a continuation of providing insight, wisdom, and inspiration into throwing you the best celebration, and helping you make memories that you’ll hold onto long after the night has ended. Come on in, grab a beverage (or pen and paper), and even bring a friend! We look forward to continuing the conversation and hearing from you very soon!

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Bringing The Heat: Five Summer Wedding Trends On The Rise

Janet Fernandez

Here at MAE, we plan weddings for all seasons. Depending on your imagination and level of comfort, you can embrace the seasonality of trends that can enhance the overall feel of your wedding. We are finding this summer’s trends – memorable menus, a candid collision of photos, metallics, dancing queens, and rural venues – are heating up the season. Not only do these trends evoke a great summer vibe, but they help make your big day all the more special.

Photo by  Bonphotage

Photo by Bonphotage

Since the dawn of Instagram and the surge of inventive restaurants popping up in practically every neighborhood, it seems everyone is becoming a foodie. It’s like a selfie; you make sure you’re in good lighting, add a nice filter, upload the photo and wait for the sea of emojis and hearts that clutter your image. #Famous! Instead of the traditional chicken or vegetarian option, expect to see inventive dishes and personalized menus that tell the story of the couple’s life together.

MAE’s Tip: Have fun with your menu design! Incorporate meaningful anecdotes from your relationship. Consider adding guilty pleasure late night bites, or have your favorite food truck make a surprise stop at your reception. Most caterers are willing to work with your ideas within reason. No matter which direction you take, be sure to chat with your planner, stationer and/or venue coordinator to be sure all of your details, including your print materials correspond to the theme.

Photo by  Colin Lyons

Photo by Colin Lyons

Without question, social media gives us more transparency into our daily lives. The same goes for our wedding day. Guests seems to love the rush of posting the first candid photo of you walking down the aisle. But your professional photographer will be the one to get the composition just right. If you want your special day to be private or certain special moments to be kept personal until you decide, be sure to appropriately inform your guests. A suggestion of an “Unplugged” wedding is great for couples who want everyone to be fully present on their day instead of frivolously snapping away. However, if you do want social media involved, be sure to organize fun moments by asking your guests to share under a set hashtag on social media. Regardless of your decision, make sure it is conspicuously made known to party-goers during your celebration.

MAE’s Tip:  Always hire a professional photographer dedicated to the documentation. Also be sure to organize the masses socially posting your proud moments. Create a unique hashtag for your wedding day, and make sure those fun puns are kept PG-13. Even Grandma seems to be posting these days! Couples can include a hashtag tracker on most wedding websites to show all the pictures and videos before, during, and after the wedding. New this season - Create a wedding Geofilter on Snapchat! Geofilters take about 24 hours to go through an approval process so please give yourself ample creation time. Last, but not least, if have extra funds in your budget, go the extra mile and hire a wedding videographer! Please contact us for our favorite vendors across the US and abroad.

Photo by  Bryan Gardner

Photo by Bryan Gardner

With over 16.8 million colors to choose from, couples today are overwhelmed with where to start conceptualizing their design aesthetic. We couldn’t help but notice that metallic has been all the rage - Met Gala Inspo anyone? But even beyond wearing this trend, metallic hues can work for your wedding decor in many ways, depending on the theme. For example, adding a touch of rose gold can create a much needed pop of color and shimmer to a wedding with even a black and white, monochromatic theme. Metallics can be added to the cocktails, the table linens, stationery and everything between!  

MAE’s Tip: Not only are happy couples embracing this trend… Metallics are a big hit amongst party goers this season. Check out Net-A-Porter and Rent the Runway to nail the look!

Photo by

Photo by

With many summer jams inevitably expected to come out, be sure to bring your inner dancing queen. Did you pack it? Okay, thank goodness! If you’re not sure where to start with music, never go out of style with these wedding music platforms:

  • Invest in Music Professionals: DJs are great for spinning your favorite artist's songs. Bands are amazing for covering songs and providing energy to the party. DJs are less expensive than booking a live band and have an immense repertoire if you are going back and forth between the two.

  • Finale Song: After the first dance song is selected be sure to select the last dance song. This dance includes you, your spouse, and everyone who celebrated your big day with you. Choose a song that has meaning, whether it be a slow, intimate song or a wild, get-up-and-dance song. What note do you want to end on?

MAE’s Tip: Why not have the best of both worlds? You can have it all by blending the musical platform of your big day. Hire a cellist or violinist (solo, duo, trio and quartet options are typically available in every market) for your wedding ceremony. This is sure to set the romance and importance of your vows and can be relatively inexpensive. For your cocktail hour why not incorporate a pianist or sax player if it enhances your overall vibe and stays within your budget? Are you struggling to find a reception band within your bank account? Consider a DJ to turn it up on the dance floor. Offering a variety of musical styles throughout your big day allows you to get the best of all worlds.

Photo by  Allyson Magda

Photo by Allyson Magda

While barns are a popular venue choice for our country couples and summer shabby-chic weddings, expect to see open fields and rustic retreats for wedding venues in ‘16. A great aspect about ‘Groomed’ fields is that they make visually appealing options for hosting ceremonies and receptions. With prairies and fruit patches, the naturally clean backdrop requires little dressing up when it comes to decor. Please note that if you go this route, and always with any outdoor venue, have a backup weather gameplan.

MAE’s Tip:  If you have a Boho Chic vibe to your style, consider your favorite national park, local apple orchard or family farm. Be sure to remember that with any raw natural space you will inevitably need to bring in an off-site wedding vendor team to tie all of your planning details together and keep logistics organized as these elements must be incorporated from the ground up.

To see how MAE can plan your wedding for all seasons, connect with us to schedule your complimentary consultation.